Description: Reads in an aperture map and then two data maps to subtract them. Any region of zero aperture is set to zero for the comparisons. The data maps can be normalized both before and after if desired and the final calculated data map is output.

For usage information run: apm_subtract_data_maps -h

Written By: Matthew stadelman
Date Written: 2016/10/27
Last Modfied: 2017/04/23


Parses command line arguments and delegates tasks to helper functions for actual data processing

apmapflow.scripts.apm_subtract_data_maps.output_percentile_set(data_field, args)[source]

Does three sets of percentiles and stacks them as columns: raw data, absolute value data, normalized+absolute value


loads the aperture map and data maps and then masks zero aperture zones as well as performs pre-subtraction normalization if desired.

apmapflow.scripts.apm_subtract_data_maps.process_maps(aper_map, data_map1, data_map2, args)[source]

subtracts the data maps and then calculates percentiles of the result before outputting a final map to file.