Description: Recurses through a directory to find all YAML stat files based on the supplied pattern and combine them into a single CSV file. This script assumes all stat files have the same set of values.

For usage information run: apm_combine_yaml_stat_files -h

Written By: Matthew stadelman
Date Written: 2017/02/12
Last Modfied: 2017/04/23


reads the first file to determine key order


Driver program to handles combining YAML stat files into a single CSV file.

apmapflow.scripts.apm_combine_yaml_stat_files.output_stat_data(outfile, key_order, data_list)[source]

Generates the combined stat output file. If all the units match then the unit will be moved up into the header otherwise it is output as an additional column

apmapflow.scripts.apm_combine_yaml_stat_files.process_data_key(key, header, data_list)[source]

Checks the units for a data key and update lists in place. If all units match then it is moved up into the header. If not an additional column is output with the units