Description: Generates 2-D data maps from OpenFoam data saved by paraview as a CSV file. The data has to be saved as point data and the following fields are expected p, points:0->2, u:0->2. An aperture map is the second main input and is used to generate the interpolation coordinates as well as convert the flow velocities into volumetic flow rates. This script assumes the OpenFoam simulation was performed on a geometry symmetric about the X-Z plane.

For usage information run: apm_process_paraview_data -h

Written By: Matthew stadelman
Date Written: 2016/09/29
Last Modfied: 2017/04/23

apmapflow.scripts.apm_process_paraview_data.generate_coordinate_arrays(aper_map, para_data_dict)[source]

Generates the coordinate arrays to use in data interpolation for coverting paraview point data into a 2-D data map.


Processes commandline args and runs script

apmapflow.scripts.apm_process_paraview_data.read_data_files(para_file, map_file)[source]

Reads in the paraview data file and aperture map file.

apmapflow.scripts.apm_process_paraview_data.save_data_maps(map_coords, data_coords, aper_map, data_dict, density)[source]

Converts the raw paraview point data into a 2-D data distribution and saves the file by appending to the base_name.